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      Melanie and Sara met many years ago and were fellow travelers in the emerging field of sharing mindfulness with students, children and parents.

      Melanie had been a kindergarten teacher who then completed her Ph.D in Developmental Psychology and Education, researching age-appropriate, mindfulness-based programs in kindergarten classrooms. She then became a professor teaching in various post-secondary institutions in programs related to early childhood and teacher education. 

      Sara was a therapist, sharing mindfulness with children and parents, as well as training educators and clinicians in bringing mindfulness into their work with children. She taught pre-service teachers for many years in a post-secondary institution's School of Early Childhood Studies, and also authored 3 children’s books, teaching mindfulness, self-compassion and emotion regulation to children.

      It all changed when they met again unexpectedly at a mindful self-compassion teacher-training course in New York. During their breaks, they took long walks in the woods and talked about their work with children and families. Over the course of the week, as they shared their stories, a common theme became apparent- like them, many parents they knew were feeling overwhelmed with the busyness of life and longed for a simpler, slower way of living. Parents spoke about how this busyness was pulling them away from connecting with those most precious to them, specifically their children.

      Based on their many years of experience, they knew that mindfulness was a promising way to respond to this longing. They talked about how the growing interest in mindfulness across all social realms had made parents curious about how it might benefit them. Parents said that they were overwhelmed with the amount of information on the internet. They didn’t know how or where to start. 

      Melanie and Sara had an idea!

      They wanted to create something special where parents could learn about mindfulness for themselves and share it with their children all the while connecting throughout the process. They had seen some beautiful art magazines for adults and some for children, which inspired them to create a magazine for both parents and children to share.   

      And then they found Martyna Czub, a freelance illustrator who creates beautiful art and illustrations with individual writers and publishing houses. She also graduated with a degree in Art Education and Art Therapy. She has a fluffy cat, who loves to 'assist' her with her drawings.
      Visit our Facebook page to see Martyna and her cat in action.